Dunkxchange NYC – Occupy Wall Street 4/6/13

Usually Saturday mornings at the New York Stock Exchange are quiet but not this past week. There was nothing ordinary or quiet on the corner of Wall and Broad streets as sneakerheads from all over the country decided to stage their own version of the now infamous Occupy Wall Street movement in the midst of confused tourists.

The lines started early, after all, this wasn’t going to be an ordinary show, this one was special. A live skate park was installed in the middle of the old J.P Morgan building along with a makeshift runway for a model show. Various artists and performers were set to headline the stage and a visit from the New York Giants’ own Victor Cruz was in the agenda.

Vendors came from near and far (I met a dude who flew out from Las Vegas!) to showcase, sell, and trade their brands, kicks and goods. Of course, there were beautiful ladies selling pastries and pizza as well! Everyone has to eat after all.

As always, there was a lot of heat; graffiti LeBron IV’s and Undftd IV’s (there’s something about IV’s…) yielded “Do Not Touch” and “Not For Sale” signs while multitudes of original Jordans including ’85 I’s were seen out of their protective bags and boxes. Did I mention there was also the occasion spotting of a kid who brought his mom or dad (I want to comment on this, but I’ll let you guys do what you will with this…)

I cannot emphasize enough how many people turned up, for a venue with two rooms covering 150,000 square feet, it got packed fast and stayed that way.

The highlight of my afternoon was getting to meet sneaker community legends: Nick Fung, Karina, Jen Jen, MrNikeSB and SoleSupreme, pretty dope.

Huge thanks to Jack and the DXC team for letting me cover the event, the Image family for letting me cop a squat in their booth and to my boy T for coming through.

I hope you guys/girls enjoy the photos!

See you at the next show ladies and gentlemen.

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